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Scott Kraynak

Born in the great city of Cleveland, Scott is a Park Ranger and professional artist. He has exhibits in galleries from coast to coast, and his work is in permanent collections throughout the world. Scott's first illustrated book, Animal Crackers, (a collaboration with his brother , Jeff) has been a huge success and has received very favorable reviews (and a few threats)...


Scott will be wrapping up his first photography book,

Unconquerable Desires, in the next few months.


This past year his work has appeared in five other books, including the newly released Truck Farm, based on King Corn director Ian Cheney's film of the same name, the graphic novels 27, Connections, and two international collections of artists' works. He is currently working on concert posters for music bands, a series of bird drawings, as well as new pieces that are sure to upset a large number of certain people.

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