From six inches to six feet, whatever the size frame that you need we can handle it.  Utilizing a variety of woods and metal to make unique looking and sized frames.  Our favorite is our reclaimed wood frames that we have available in a variety of profiles and colors.  

You can order the frames raw or finished.  If you are an artist that goes through a lot of frames for prints, we have bulk discount pricing.  But, if all you need is one, our prices are still fair and competitive.

We also make custom sized art panels up to 12 ft. in length, and birch plywood art panels.

Custom 10' x 12' plywood art panel and wooden frame for Seattle artist Ellie Doughty's commissioned mural, QFC in Kirkland, WA.

Assembling the panels.jpg

Custom frames for Seattle artist Jeff Harrison and Kansas City artist Rev. Jeff "Blank" Dory.

Frames - Bryan Fyffe
AWD Frame1.jpg
AWD Frame3.jpg

Reclaimed wood frames for Kansas City artist Bryan Fyffe.