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Here are the dark and brilliant minds behind All Weird Days, LLC...

Jeffry Harrison


Jeff is a Seattle-based artist, writer, musician, and handyman, with over 20 years experience in carpentry and construction trades. As an artist, he works primarily with acrylic paint, ink, and typewriters to create works that explore reality, surrealism, and social issues.


After taking an extended hiatus from painting, where he pursued music for several years and then spent a couple more years focused on writing, Jeff has recently established an art studio and picked up his paint brushes again. His work can be found in an expanding number of galleries around Seattle.


Jeff has also recently been conducting, recording, and editing Featured Artist Podcasts and curating online galleries for All Weird Days.








Bryan Harrison




Bryan owns and operates an online book business, focusing on rare, collectible and generally interesting books in the fine and domestic arts, signed first editions, sets, psychology, philosophy, and plenty more. And when not buying, selling and performing the ins-and-outs of the book trade, Bryan is in the process of getting a Masters Degree in Social Work at NYU.


Other interests include good socks, phenomenological approaches to understanding mental illness, refining a taste for subtleties of good whiskey, working to improve post-Cartesian mind-world relations, hiking and kayaking.


Jonus Brown


As a man who loves creating, Jonus is a true renaissance man who can succeed at anything he tries, whether it be woodworking, mechanics, metal work or life itself. He has a plethora of skills and experience to pull from, engrained by a hard work ethic in childhood.


With previous stints of living in WA, CA, ID and AZ, he currently resides in Shawnee, KS with his family, his chickens and his tools. With a personal motto of “Never Stop Creating,” he is always ready to learn something new, and you will see his influence in nearly every project All Weird Days takes on. As a founding member, Jonus is ready to give his all to the success of the fledgling company. Currently he is the website designer, a community radio broadcaster, radio theater director, editor and more.


His hobbies include camping, sailing, reading, writing, shooting slingshots, throwing knives and swinging swords, and he hopes someday to become a seafaring captain.




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