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"My paintings continue to evolve, while maintaining the thread of sameness that points to their maker. I save my optimism for my figurative work, which I use to express life's fleeting beauty and strength in fragility. I am constantly trying new techniques and stretching my limits as a life long artist.  Recently I've found myself expressing deeper emotions through abstract work. I find that I can articulate complex concepts and feelings more eloquently once I can circumvent a figure. I have a heavy dread of change and the future, therefore, some of my abstracted works are focused on trying to come to terms with the steady loss of the present. My work is vibrant and stylized, all with a strong graphic hand." 

Jill's work has been featured in many Washington galleries and three covers of Bellingham's 'What's Up' magazine. She is a prolific artist who is consistently in the studio making fine art for various features, exhibits and commissions. Jill completed her bachelor's degree in archaeology and sedimentology and now lives in Ferndale, Washington, on a small farm where she paints and keeps bees.  Jill draws her inspiration from the natural world's rhythms and seasons that have been a large part of growing up and continuing to live in the country.

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AWD Featured Artist of the Month

Jill Feenstra

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