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Taints, Time and Dicks

The thing about Polar Bears is, well, they don’t really like being punched in the taint. And the thing about women is, well, they don’t really like getting hit on when they’re watching a “rom-com” in the theatre with their boyfriend. Also, the thing about Time is, well, it doesn’t really like to be told to eat a dick.

In fact, Time, as well as pretty much everything in the universe as we know it, and maybe don’t know it, reacts only in the manner which suits its own best interest, or at best with complete indifference. Always has, always will. It is the only system that is not really a system. As well as the only system ever that may be permanent. Time is the God of Greed if there ever was one.

But, as things go, one thing leads to another. Lessons are irrevocably learned, and unconsciously perpetuated. The condition of consciousness and awareness are plagues of brilliant enlightenment.

That is our stigmata.

That is our bain.

That is why the Buddha came to us.

That is why the Word is. We are the Word. And sometimes Words can lead to Actions and inevitable consequence far beyond the scope for which we had given to error and intention. And yet it is perpetuated, and sometimes a Polar Bear or two gets punched in the taint. There is, of course, an equal and opposite reaction to such an action, as we’ve all learned from Jimi Hendrix in his famous scientific experiment.

However, as we also know, the mere act of observing Something affects its characteristics, its very definition. Therefore, are any of our definitions mean anything? Do we even really know what any of us are saying when we speak Words? Is anything truly permanent? Is there Nothing that Time cannot conquer?

I bet Time could hit on a chick in a movie theatre, and get her to suck its cock right in front of her boyfriend, while he says, “Please, be my guest.” Because that's the kind of dick Time is. An unrelenting dick. An unforgiving dick. An eternal dick. The kind of dick you can’t say no to.

“Eat a dick, Time!”

But Time doesn’t listen, doesn’t care what anyone says, or thinks. It just keeps marching on, being a dick. Time doesn’t like being told to eat a dick, when all it does is what it must.

So Time reacted as it alway did, in it’s own best interest. And the person who demanded such a crass act of Time, died slowly and painfully over the next 30 years as Time marched on, stepped over the fresh corpse and continued on, laughing, eternal.

And the thing about equal and opposite reactions is that it’s a load of shit. Experiments have proved it. When you punch a Polar Bear in the taint, the reaction is always blown WAY out of proportion, far exceeding the preliminary action of the impacting fist. The reaction is survival, or reflex, depending on your perspective..

And the thing about the Ice Capades is….

who cares, THE END

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