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I Am, I Am

I am searching for my soul.

I am my burning soul.

I am desperate to save my soul.

I am faced with dilemma.

I am distraught.

I am scared.

I am failure.

I am accidentally befriended.

I am momentarily elevated.

I am contorted.

I am disoriented.

I am rescued.

I am reassured.

I am victory.

I am resolve.

I am quietly advancing.

I am in company.

I am avoiding detection.

I am locked out.

I am looking at a drove of myself.

I am different stages of decomposition.

I am sickened.

I am frozen.

I am among them.

I am recognized.

I am penetrating.

I am fury.

I am crushing skulls.

I am smashing brains.

I am dislodging gore covered crowbar.

I am overcome.

I am conquer.

I am survival.

I am endorphins.

I am sprinting.

I am winded.

I am trembling.

I am laughing.

I am crying.

I am within sight of my goal.

I am stricken.

I am failure.

I am disappointment.

I am stained.

I am no longer I.

I am them.


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