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Call Panzer

“—If the body actually breathes that is—yes the tissues pulse and gases are exchanged, but does the body breathe?”

“Yeah, it’s like a hiccup. The body has needs.”

“Yeah but ‘Needs’ aren’t bodily things.”

“Uh, but my bodily cock has needs.”

“Needs are phenomenological. Hydrogen pumps, gradients, ionic channels, osmosis, those are bodily events—the body does those—but a need, or a total event like breathing, is superimposed by the mind—anything that doesn’t have a specific space-time location isn’t a bodily thing.”

“My cock has a location in space-time. I’ve talked to doctors about it, I’ve touched it, other people have touched it…I think you saw it once when I was sitting on the couch in those very short basketball shorts from the 70’s we took...”

“...I don’t know, and honestly I can’t remember how to spell ‘guess’.”

“Call Panzer.”

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