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A List of Things Not to Forget

I tend to forget things, so I made a list to remember the most essential things to take with me when I go anywhere, or do anything. I hope you find it helpful in your doings of wheres and things.

  • MY BRAIN (One should strive to never forget one’s brain under any circumstances. It will not do you well to do so.)

  • MY HEART (Although essential, remember, allowing the heart to dictate one's actions is not always advised.

  • MY LIVER (Mostly to make sure I filter the booze atoms from the piss atoms.)

  • MY STOMACH (It holds the contents I will either shit out or vomit out in a matter of minutes, possibly both.)

  • MY FEET (I have found they are astonishingly well at carrying my load across vast stretches.)

  • MY EYES (Because I have found my feet are not much good without them.)

  • MY BONES & MUSCLES (Begrudgingly, for they are by far the heaviest of the items. If I were rid of them, I feel I could make far more headway, if only I could figure out the transportation bit for my brain, heart, liver, stomach, feet, eyes and so on…)

  • MY BLOOD (It helps me stay alive.)

  • MY LUNGS (I have found them to be keenly necessary when my blood wants more oxygen. One should always have these about their person at all times.)

  • MY ANUS (It works wonders for moving shit from my insides to my outsides. It’s kind of magical.)

This has been a production of the most serious person (S) you shall ever encounter. Beware where you put your head to sleep tonight, it just might get permed.

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