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Mental Vacancy

She finds the air to be sweet and mild as she inhales deeply and satisfyingly. The sun is intense, but it feels good on her skin as she meanders along the beach. The few gulls sing their awful song, and the geese toot their toots. The majestic pines lead right up to the edge of Lake Tahoe’s majestic blue waters. She beholds this marvel, all of it, without really beholding any of it. She knew that men thought her to be beautiful, sexy, something to be longed for. She couldn't blame them. But she was a business woman through and through, with only the occasional thought of a romantic fling. She was dedicated solely to the pursuit of more money and the entitlements that came along with it.

She was in the Reno / Tahoe area on a business trip, and was commissioned to take this afternoon off and enjoy the sights. She wasn’t much for enjoying sights, but she thought she might turn a head or two as she elegantly strolled down the warm sand. And it did always make her feel better when men looked at her. Upon the completion of her business luncheon and negotiations, she had gone back to her casino room and had slipped out of her business outfit into something more comfortable, which ended up being a pink bikini with a matching sarong, white flip flops, an overly expensive floppy sun hat and a pair of tortoise-shell Ray-Bans. She thought this was what someone who was enjoying the beach should wear, and also that men would be able to see her curves. However, she brought her giant laptop of a cell phone as well as all of her business with her, cluttering up her brain. So there she strolled, trying to look appealing to the hulking masses of flab as well as the occasional muscular one. She liked to see as many people as possible and so tended to like busy crowded places at busy crowded times. She liked to be around people that were busy with work. Busy with life. She liked to be the one to make them break their train of thought during their phone conversation when she walksed by. She liked to see the beat of progress in action and to be a part of it. This certainly wasn't it. Taking in the sights, to her, just seemed a waste of time. Why vacation? Why enjoy looking at nature? To her there was no rationale in any action unless it furthered her status or added some zeros in her portfolio. It was an intensely beautiful day. The wind was warm and sweet. The water was the same. The snow capped mountains and forest were glorious to behold in the distance. The birds sang songs of freedom and carelessness. In her mind raced the thoughts of tasks to attend to upon her arrival home.

Once she had walked along the beach far enough, she found a half-shady, half-sunny spot away from most families with frolicking children that could interrupt her work, and continued to spend her time among these awe inspiring surroundings on her phone, never really appreciating all the innate beauty surrounding her. She calls clients, co-workers and employees on the phone. Sets up appointments, books luncheons, pays bills, and sells stocks.

She was good at what she did, no doubt about that, but as she left her special spot and walked along the beach once more, this time in the direction of her hotel room, the All-Seeing One was saddened by her plight. It wished she could have enjoyed the moment at least for a short time. For even though she is constantly surrounded by Nature’s splendor and the glory of our world in this solar system, in this universe, she fails to grasp it. She couldn’t let go of her business life long enough to enjoy the present. She couldn’t appreciate the raw beauty of all the imperfections and elegance around her. So, she continued her walk along the beach, looking out the corner of her eye to see if anyone’s head was turning to follow her trail, and she continued to stress about her job, about her obligations, and she continued to never truly enjoy where she was and what she was actually doing. A jet flies high overhead, and a small child looks out the window to behold the entirety of the lake and its surroundings. He is utterly shocked and entranced at its magnificent beauty.

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