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Another Prayer Answered by All Weird Days

Dear All Weird Days,

I’m living on a prayer, so I don’t need you to answer it per se. I am hoping the Monkees do a reunion tour and I can schedule a kick-butt backpacking trip this summer. Make that happen.

Nick P. from Everett, WA



We’ve been doing a little checking up on you. Seems like you’ve been a pretty damn good co-ed softball coach over the years, even being named Coach Of The Year a couple times. We believe that kind of dedication and leadership should be aptly rewarded. Since you have been such a pillar of the community and nobly filled this imperative role in the world, we made a few phone calls on your behalf.

We are honored to inform you that on September 25, 2016 at the Moore Theater in Seattle, WA, the delightfully silly musical act known as The Monkees have agreed to play a concert as part of their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour!​

You’re welcome.

As for the backpacking trip, we’ve created mountains, streams, oceans, trees, gravity, animals, air, the ground, and light. So you should be pretty well set.


The All Weird Days Team

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