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Dada Lakoff-Trump: The No-Meddling Condition

George, it's called management. But people are not simply born

strong. Excuse me, George? I have given you something

of positive value. You are then in my debt. I go back to the banks.

He's on the up and up. They come out of an act of love, OK.

They want to see proper change. They want to see great change.

Through the no-meddling condition, moral strength

must be built. We need to have our borders.

We have to do it. These are rough dudes. "No pain, no gain.”

I fight with them. I negotiate. I do all sorts of things.

Strictness is a form of nurturance and love. They want to see

our country be great again, George. Being good is being upright.

But my specifics are very simple: through self-denial

and further self-discipline, we'll cherish you for coming in.

We're going to expedite it. Life is seen as fundamentally difficult.

We need to make great deals. It’s a peculiar feature of American

conservatism, the antipathy toward government.

It is the job of the strict father to protect his family. Beautiful.

George Lakoff vs. Donald Trump (Mashup)

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