Persuasive Poem

February 14, 2019

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Deliver on your promise. Open with puppies or daffodils and remember to close with a relevant bouquet. If you hear complaints about the coffee, provide a cause/effect scenario.

Cause: Arabica beans “just gave up.”

Cause: Starbucks mutant palate.

Cause: World’s water supply reached passive Viagra


Effect: Caffeine doesn’t do much these days.

Effect: Employees cross the four-lane highway to access the startup Red Bull cart.

Effect: Everything stands on end. Up has been redefined.

Try a personal letter!

Remember to defend your position. FYI, your position is the cheap one. A quick Q&A section is efficient. A cut-and-paste job for the ages. If you are ready

to close do not forget the carnations. If you opened with puppies, you were wrong.

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