Story Editing

So, here is the deal.  We love to read stories and we love to help make stories better.  That means for now this service is free.  However, there are stipulations to that statement:

  • The stories must be original works that you have creative rights to.

  • Currenlty we will only edit the stories that suit our criteria. (the specifics of which only a handful of elite members know)

  • We hold the right to digitally publish that work once it is complete.

By submitting your story below you agree to the above mentioned terms.


We want to share as much good writing as we can, and that includes your story.  If you don't feel you are ready to have people read your works, then either this isn't for you, or it's the perfect time for you to take that leap. 



Here are some examples of what we do when we edit documents. 


Often we find the use of drawings and graphics to really break through that initial, thick ice.



Here is an example of what we almost assuredly would never do to you.


Sometimes we actually take it serious.  This is what it looks like when we do that.