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AWD Featured Artist

Tim Manthey

aka Cloud Nectar

"Under the mossy trees of the Pacific Northwest, exploring abandoned places and old books, I began as a visual artist early in life. Years were occupied with drawing, writing, and lo-fi, surreal video projects. Then in 2009 with a pair of scissors and a stack of recycled magazines, I began crafting collage art. The collage-making soon became practice, ritual, love, and took shape as a series of handmade dream narratives. I continuously collect forgotten vintage media to cut and paste, striving for balanced visuals that compel and play with the imagination."


Tim (who works under the art tag Cloud Nectar) shows at venues and galleries around Seattle and has been featured in album art, The Stranger, The 22 Magazine, FMG Monthly, National Geographic’s Photo Society, and in Modern Vintage Illustration.


You can find his work at the Greenwood Art Collective ( and also online here:

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