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February 14, 2019

Dear All Weird Days,

Have you ever received a love letter? Was is filled with romantic and flowery prose? Was it peppered with cliches and worn out words designed and used over centuries to invoke some sort of passionate response from the masses? Boring. Utterly boring.

And so I turn to you at All Weird Days to help me. I want, no- I NEED a fucked up love letter! A letter to all those who don't subscribe to the traditional means of love and l...

January 21, 2019

Created by:

Everybody can be better, all the time…

Some people are already better…

Some people are already great…

Some people are meant to be great…

Some people are shit…

They were never meant to be great…

And they never intended to be great…

Well, we’ll leave them out of this…

February 11, 2018

Created by:

Hydrogen VS. Oxygen

Atomic Power VS. Black Holes

Wireless Internet VS. Crotchless Panties

Red Sox VS. White Sox

Red Skins Vs. White Skins

White Power VS. Black Power

Black Powder VS White Powder

Chili Powder VS. Taco Seasoning

Clam Chowder (NE) VS. Clam Chowder (MANHATTAN)

Let It Be VS. Let It Bleed

Video Game Shootings VS. Real Shootings

Dull Knife VS. Broken Beer Bottle

Shoelaces VS. Velcro

March 24, 2016

Created by:

  1. Pussy Willows

  2. Wet Dog Food

  3. Creosote

  4. Kidney Beans

  5. Animal Fur

  6. Sawdust and Glue

  7. Wonder Bread

  8. Duct Tape

  9. Chewing Tobacco

  10. Hot Candle Wax

  11. Power Bait

  12. Chewing Gum

  13. Stack Of Dimes

  14. Marshmallows

  15. Mango

  16. Mouse Droppings

  17. Fiberglass Insulation

  18. Small Light Bulbs

  19. Tampons (new or used)

  20. Squished Brains



March 1, 2016

Created by:

  1. Raisins

  2. Lids

  3. Eye Glasses

  4. Upside-down Cake

  5. Marbles

  6. No, I’m sorry, Yogurt Does Not Go In The Fridge After a Night Of Drinking

  7. Dry Roasted Peanuts

  8. A Fork

  9. Unfinished Beer

  10. All Weird Days Stickers











March 1, 2016

Created by:



Brenda always drank her beers in twos, and I’ll tell you why. She had recently been given an androgynous bottle opener that bent like a flimsy spoon each time she used it. “Beer Bottle Opener” it clearly stated on both sides. She figured that she shouldn’t mess with the best of intentions, so she only used it to open bottles of beer. When it bent one way, she didn’t panic. She simply drank her beer, flipped the Beer Bottle Opener over and use...

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"How To Survive in the Post-Consideration Era" -Episode 1

June 10, 2019

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